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Bird 43 Wattmeter Repair Service - Fast Turn Around Bird 43 Wattmeter Repair Serivce
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Bird 43 Series Wattmeter & Element Repairs Add this item to your cart and then checkout and print a copy of the invoice. Send the product to us along with a copy of the sales order and a note about the problems being experienced with the wattmeter. Minimum Repairs are $75 Plus Parts & Shipping - We fully test repaired meters and warranty the repairs for six months. Return shipping will be added to your repair order based on your postal code. This is the cost of returning the...

Bird 6810-307 RF Wattmeter for 4-1/2" Line section (Used) Bird 43P Wattmeter
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Bird Electronic Item #: 7572-94 -

6810 Series, Rigid Line RF Wattmeters15/30/60 kW, 4-1/2" RF WattmeterThe 6810-307, 100µA Rigid Line RF Wattmeter forms a complete power measurement system when combined with the appropriate 4-1/2" rigid line section and plug-in elements. A line section is not included, must be  purchased separately.Elements must be ordered according to the desired frequency and power ranges, the meter scales and size of the line section selected for use with the meter. Fully Tested, 90 Day Warranty ...

Bird 6151 Termaline Wattmeter RF Load 100 Watts (Uses 43 Elements) (Used) Bird 6151 RF Load Termaline Wattmeter
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Bird Electronic Item #: 5855-2 -

100 Watt RF Load (Uses Bird 43 Elements)50 Ohm TerminationInput Connector N(F)