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    Doubles The Continuous Power Rating to 4/5 kW

    Compatible: 8329-300, 8890-300, others.

    Bird Blower Assembly Doubles RF Load Ratings
    BA Series Blower Assemblies
    The BA-300 Series consists of two high frequency fans, with vertical side baffles to direct air over the loads radiator fins. The blower doubles the normal RF input rating of the installed load, e.g. a 2.5kW load can dissipate 5 kW.

    • Dual Fan Blower Assembly
    • Increases Bird RF Load Continuous Rating 2x
    • BA-300-115 for 115 VAC
    • For 8890 Series RF Loads and 8329 Attenuators
    • Rugged and Reliable
    • Easy to Use