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    2-1000 MHz 10000W Peak Maximum Power - Adjustable +/- 8dB
    Nominal 45 DB RF Sample Port for Bird 43 Style Meters
    Similar specifications to Bird 4274-025

    The Coaxial Dynamics 87000 series of Adjustable X-Tractors are nondirectional, adjustable amplitude, RF Signal Sampler Elements designed to permit easy coupling into a coaxial line for counting of frequency, spectrum analysis or scope display. They are extremely small, convenient to carry and may be used in conjunction with the Model 81000-A RF Wattmeter, its own auxiliary line section (Model 88536), or any standard 7/8" line section (Bird 43 compatible).

    Bird Model 43 Wattmeter Compatible - Adjustable +/- 8dB - 1000W Average Power, 10kW Peak Power

    The X-Tractor exhibits extremely low VSWR and Insertion Loss, plus it's virtually transparent to RF signals within its frequency range of operation. Available at its BNC Female connector is an unrectified RF signal, adjustable over a range below the signal within the coaxial line, by means of a screwdriver adjustment. The X-Tractor can be used to sample any signal between 2 and 1000 MHz at power levels up to the rating of the line section. The tap is -45dB nominal above 25 MHz, this is not a calibrated device.

    Your confidence in the quality and dependability of the 87000 series of Adjustable X-Tractors is assured with the Coaxial Dynamics Two Year Limited Warranty.