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    Bird's Model 5000 THRULINE Digital RF Power Meter combines a digital display with the ability to accurately measure power in analog and digital RF systems (Requires an External Bird Power Sensor). The Model 5000 operates over a broad frequency range using one of the Bird optional RF power sensors and has the ability to measure True Average Power. The highly visible, backlit LCD display simultaneously shows forward and reflected power or other selected parameters in digital format, while a 20-segment analog bar graph tracks forward power readings. Readings can be expressed as Watts, dB Return Loss and % Match Efficiency. VSWR is automatically calculated from forward and reflected power for fast, convenient antenna checks.

    The Bird 5000-XT Digital RF Wattmeter requires external RF power sensors, please refer to our list of available RF sensors to select the correct sensors for your application. The available sensors include Bird 5010B dual element, 5014 USB dual element, 5012D Broadband, 5016D Broadband, 5017D Broadband, 5018D Broadband, and 5019D Broadband.

    DPM Series, Digital Power Meter 5000-XT, Digital Power Meter

    The hand-held digital power meter has been completely redesigned with the new Bird® 5000-XT. Ideally suited for field techs and engineers who need to make power measurements anywhere they go, the 5000-XT's new user interface has an intuitive, menu-driven design, making it the easiest to use on the market. It's operable even with one hand and compatible with all our field and legacy sensors.

    Frequency Range: 2 MHz to 12 GHz with external power sensors (not included)
    RF Power Range: 1 W to 10000 W True Average Power with external sensors (not included)
    Accuray with 5010B or 5014B DPS Sensor +/-5% of reading

    Requires external power sensors
    Frequency and Power ratings are determined by external sensors.

    Use your Bird 43 elements with the 5000 Digital power meters and the Bird 5010B sensor!

    5000-XT Data Sheet