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    Bird 4275-100 20-1000 MHz Variable RF Sampler (Used)

    NOTE: The 4275-100 does not fit for the new Bird 43 meters

    If your SN is lower than 300000 then it will fit.

    Mounts Directly on Most Model 43 Series Meters.

    Uses the existing connector on the Model 43 wattmeter.

    The 4275 THRULINE® RF Variable Signal Sampler is a low frequency coupler for the 20 to 1000 MHz band and offers a sample that ranges form 40 to 70 dB below the main power level.

    The Bird 4275-100 does not include additional connectors, it used the connector already mounted on your Model 43 style wattmeter. Simply remove one connector from your meter and the 4275-100 plugs into the QC mount. The place the removed connector on the RF sampler with the four screws included with the 4275-100

    NOTE - This sampler is a very tight fit on the new Bird wattmeters after the s/n 285000. Bird redesigned the 43 series meters a year or so ago and the new meters now have a recessed line section QC mount.

    The 4275 produces an unrectified, non-directional sample at the BNC port that is adjustable. Once adjusted, the setting can be locked in place.