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    Telewave Broadband 44AP VHF/UHF
    20-1000 MHz Directional Wattmeter

    RF Sampler BNC Output

    Used in Excellent Condition (Multiple Meters Available)

    Telewave Broadband 44AP VHF/UHF

    w/ RF Sampler Output

    Used in Excellent Condition - 90 Day Warranty

    20-1000 MHz Directional Wattmeter Broadband Wattmeter 20 MHz to 1000 MHz, measures 1 Watt to 500 Watts (rms). Requires no elements, this broadband meter has five power ranges and reads forward and reflected power.

     Available with Type N or UHF connectors. Specify your connector type during checkout.

    Used in Excellent condition, 90 day warranty.

    Telewave 44A Specifications