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Ideal Compact Antenna for Indoors, Outdoors, Attics, for SWL & Amateur Radio. Lengths starting from 17' (10 Meters) up to 260' (160 Meters)

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    The End Fed Half Antenna is the simplest and least expensive antenna to use for a shortwave antenna and will have excellent performance. It can be used indoors, outdoors, in the attic, in a garage, etc. The RadioWavz EFH antennas are a perfect match for SWL listening, and can even be used for transmitting up to 25W AM and 200W PEP/CW for Amateur Radios.

    For shortwave listening choose the longest antenna for the space you have available to install it, the choices run from 17' to 267'. For lower shortwave frequencies the longer the better. For use as a transmitting antenna chose the correct antenna for the band of operation, or select the Multiband antenna that covers the 40, 20 and 10 meter bands. These EFH antennas can normally be used for transmitting without the need for a tuner.

    End Fed Half Wave antennas have only one long side wire so the antenna feed point can be closest to the location of the shortwave radio, unlike the dipole antenna that is twice as long and must be fed at the center of the antenna.

    The RadioWavz End Fed Half Wave (EFH) antenna product line was originally designed to provide channelized operations for Government operations that require single band (frequency) functionality.