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Daiwa CN-501VN Wattmeter VHF/UHF VSWR RF Wattmeter w/N(F) Connectors Daiwa CN-501VN VHF UHF Wattmeter
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Daiwa Item #: 1101 -

Peak and Average Power, Cross Needle VSWR140-525 MHz PEP/Avg 20/200 Watts Type N(F) Connectors

12VDC AC Adapter for Comet, Daiwa Meters & Others 12VDC Supply Wall Adapter
Price: $19.95
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Daiwa Item #: 5365 -

Daiwa Power Meters require an external 12VDCsupply for the LED Dial Lamp and PEP operation.Average power measurements do not require external power.