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    Comet CF-706A 1.3-57MHz 75-550MHz Duplexer/Combiner
    Comet CF-706A Duplexer/Combiner

    Band Pass Ins Loss Max Power
    1.3-57MHz 0.4dB 350W PEP
    57-550MHz 0.4dB 350W PEP

    Isolation: 40dB minimum

    Common: SO-239
    Low Pass: PL-259
    High Pass: PL-259

    HF-6M/2M-440MHz duplexer for the IC-706/MKII/G, FT-100, etc..
    To match the RX freq range of the IC-706MKII/G the CF-706A was engineered to pass the commercial FM band of 88-108MHz.

    Datasheet CF-706A Duplexer