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Two Sizes Available 18" & 29.5"

BNC or TNC Connector

Chart is included for proper length setting for your application.

Price: $12.95
    Antenna Type:

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    Telescoping Antenna 4"-18" BNC or 6"-29" BNC

    TNC Adapters Available

    Swivel Base BNC (also can use TNC adapter)

    Use with Coaxial Dynamics 7610 Field Strength Meter Element and with Coaxial Dynamics 7601 Relative Field Strength meter. BNC Connector, 90 degree flex elbow. 

    Many other applications including FM Radio Transmitters, SDR Radios, VHU/UHF Scanners.

    Dimensions are approximated.

    Connector Type is BNC or TNC (TNC is with optional adapter).