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Price: $549.00


    Bird 8322 200W Attenuator 30dB (Used Units In Stock)

    No longer available new, discontinued.

    Discontinued, replaced with:

    Bird 300-WA-MFN-30 300W

    Bird 150-WA-MFN-30 150W

    or GE MRI use Bird 8314A 20kW Peak Attenuator

    200 Watt, Oil-Cooled Attenuator Tenuline® RF Coaxial Attenuators Tenuline Attenuators are a valuable and reliable accessory for reducing power levels and VSWR, for isolating components under test, for harmonic signal analysis, and as comparison standards. Bird's RF attenuators are world renowned for their high-quality, robust construction and conservative power ratings. Easy to Use Rugged, reliability provides years of trouble free use.