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    Bird Model 43(P) Thruline© RF Wattmeter Kit (New)
    Bird 43P Wattmeter, Pelican Case, RF Load 50W, 24" test cable.
    Bird 4300-400 PEP Module Installed & Calibrated

    No elements are included.

    Bird Model 43(P) Thruline Wattmeter Kit w/PEP Module Peak/Average Power

    • 4300-400 PEP Module Installed and Calibrated
    • 50W RF Load DC-2.5GHz Included
    • Select Connector type below
    • Includes Pelican 1200 Style Carry/Storage Case (New)
    • Accuracy +/-5% fs (average mode)
    • Frequency Range 450 kHz to 2.7 GHz (Elements are Not Included)
    • Power Range 100 mW to 10 kW (Elements are Not Included)
    • Frequency & power range determined by optional plug-in elements 
    • Quick Change QC Connectors Type N(F) Standard, BNC or UHF optional 

      The Bird Model 43 is the industry standard for power measurements with a wide selection of elements available to cover a wide choice of frequency ranges and power ranges. 100% Satisfaction is our guarantee so you can buy with confidence. Specify Type N, BNC, or UHF connectors.

      Select from our large inventory of elements for the frequency and power range you require.