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Alinco DX-R8 SWL General Coverage Communications Grade Performance Receiver Alinco DX-R8
Price: $399.00
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Alinco Item #: 9000 -

Now you can enjoy the thrill of listening to live radio signals from all over the world with the Alinco DX-R8T/E. A new desktop shortwave radio designed to be affordable without compromising performance, the DX-R8T/E boasts a communications grade receiver circuit, 3 ceramic filters (FM/AM, SSB, CW) with narrow filter function, excellent 1ppm stability and a large, easy-to-read LCD screen. The I/Q output mode with supporting SDR freeware lets you to output the I/Q signal from the 3.5mm stereo...

Alinco DM-430T Switching Power Supply 5-15 VDC 30A Alinco DM-430T Switching Power Supply 5-15 VDC
Retail: $139.95
Price: $124.95
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Alinco Item #: 9001 -

Ultra-compact, lightweight and high-powered switching power supply with Power Poles..!The DM-430 features include a large illuminated digital Volt/Amp meter, rear panel binding posts/front panel Anderson Power Poles (30A peak), voltage adjust (5-15V) or fixed at 13.8V, ripple less than 80mVp-p and protection for short-circuit, over temperature, and current limiting! FEATURES:Voltage Control: The output voltage is continuously adjustable from 5 to 15 Volt DC, or fixed at rated 13.8V.Forced Air...

Alinco DM-30T Switcing Power Supply 9-15 VDC 30A Alinco DM-30TR Switching Power Supply
Retail: $139.95
Price: $124.95
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Alinco Item #: 9002 -

Featuring Anderson Powerpole® connectors Alinco's latest Digital Power Supply DM-30 , is an affordable switching power supply packs a lot of features including Anderson Powerpole® connectors, an ultra-compact, lightweight design that supports 9-15VDC variable output and delivers up to 30A peak power to 2-Way Radio communication products. Convenient for radio users, the Noise Offset Circuit moves unwanted switching noise to another frequency. Other features include a large illuminated digital...

Power Supply 12VDC 3 Amp
Price: $19.95
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Generic Item #: 9006 -

Item Description Overview 12 VDC 3A power adapters are in high demand for audio amp boards, musical keyboards, and powered speakers. Its popular 2.5 x 5.5 mm tip positive plug fits most 12 VDC electronic devices without having to change or adapt the plug. The 12 VDC 3A output current fills the power needs for many 50 watt audio projects. Specifications: • Input voltage: 100-120 VAC • Input current: 1.2A • Output Voltage: 12 VDC • Current output: 3A • Power range: 36 watts • Output cord: 6 ft....

RadioWavz End Fed Half Wave EFH Antennas RadioWavz End Fed Half Wave EFH Antennas
Price: $54.95
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RadioWavz Item #: RW1010 -

The End Fed Half  Antenna is the simplest and least expensive antenna to use for a shortwave antenna and will have excellent performance. It can be used indoors, outdoors, in the attic, in a garage, etc. The RadioWavz EFH antennas are a perfect match for SWL listening, and can even be used for transmitting up to 25W AM and 200W PEP/CW for Amateur Radios. For shortwave listening choose the longest antenna for the space you have available...