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    Featuring Anderson Powerpole® connectors

    Alinco's latest Digital Power Supply DM-30 , is an affordable switching power supply packs a lot of features including Anderson Powerpole® connectors, an ultra-compact, lightweight design that supports 9-15VDC variable output and delivers up to 30A peak power to 2-Way Radio communication products.

    Convenient for radio users, the Noise Offset Circuit moves unwanted switching noise to another frequency. Other features include a large illuminated digital Volt/Amp meter, rear panel binding posts (30A peak/a pair), front panel quick terminals (5A peak/a pair, Anderson Powerpoles® connectors, voltage adjust (9-15V) or fixed at 13.8V, ripple less than 80mVp-p and triple circuit protection for short-circuit, over temperature, and current limiting!


    • The output voltage is continuously adjustable from 9 to 15Volts DC, or fix it at rated 13.8V.
    • A highly visible, accurate digital Volt / Amp meter allows real-time monitoring of the output current.
    • A pair of Anderson Powerpoles connectors on the front panel quick plug-in/out as well as adds an extra versatility.
    • The Noise Offset Circuit moves unwanted switching noise to another frequency.
    • Designed with reliability in mind, a durable cooling fan keeps DM-30 running continuously under heavy loads.
    • The Rear main output terminals are large enough to provide an efficient Max 30A power transfer to your equipment.

    * Powerpole® is a Registered Trademark of Anderson Power Products