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Coaxial Dynamics 7999 <BR> Variable RF Samplers <BR> 1.5-35 MHz 5KW

Coaxial Dynamics 7999
Variable RF Samplers
1.5-35 MHz 5KW

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Connector Type
7999-0 N(F)-N(F) [+$30.00]
7999-1 N(M)-N(F) [+$30.00]
7999-2 UHF(F)-UHF(F) [+$30.00]
7999-3 UHF(M)-UHF(F) [+$30.00]
7999-4 Mounts Directly [+$10.00]
7999-5 No Connectors
Adjustable RF Samplers Features
  • Wide Frequency Range of Operation
  • 1.5-35 MHz - 5000 Watts Average Power
  • Low VSWR and Insertion Loss
  • Quick Match Connectors
  • Compatible with all Bird Model 43 QC Connectors
  • Two Year Limited Warranty
  • 100% Compatible with Bird 43 Wattmeters
Now, you can extract a low signal level from a 50-Ohm coaxial system with the Model 7998 and 7999 series of Adjustable Signal Samplers from Coaxial Dynamics. These Signal Samplers are essential tools for spectrum analysis, RF signal scope observation, or frequency counting control. The adjustable signal samplers exhibit a very low VSWR throughout their wide frequency and coupling range. Our user-oriented design features an easy access knob which enables fine adjustments of the coupling magnitude. Once the desired level is reached, the setting can be locked.

The Model 7998 series produces, at the BNC sample port, a non-directional RF sample adjustable over a 15 dB range which is 35 to 65 dB below the main line signal. It is usable over a frequency range of 20 to 1000 MHz and up to 1000 watts.

Models 7998-4 and 7999-4 are designed for direct mating to any Coaxial Dynamics (or Bird) product having Quick Match Connectors. Mount your desired connector configuration to one side of the block. Mount the other side directly to the Quick Match interface on the Wattmeter, RF load, Rf Attentuator, etc., thus eliminating one connector pair while providing on-the-spot sampling.

Your confidence in the quality and dependability of the 7998/7999 Series Adjustable Signal Samplers is assured with the Coaxial Dynamics Two Year Limited Warranty.

Available Models, select when ordering:

  • 7999-0 MHz N Female/N Female
  • 7999-1 MHz N Male/N Female
  • 7999-2 UHF Female/UHF Female
  • 7999-3 UHF Male/UHF Female
  • 7999-4 Mounts Directly on Wattmeter
  • 7999-5 RF Sampler Body Only (no connectors)

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