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Bird 4275-020  20-1000 MHz <BR> Variable RF Sampler

Bird 4275-020 20-1000 MHz
Variable RF Sampler

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4275-020 Thruline® RF Signal Sampler.

Variable RF Signal Sampler.

20 to 1000 MHz, 1 kW max.

The Model 4275 is a stand alone wide-range THRULINE® RF coupling probe for spectrum analysis, RF signal observation on a scope, or frequency counting and control. It features a very low VSWR over a broad frequency and attenuation range. Insertion loss is a negligible 0.1 dB. The 4275 produces an unrectified, non-directional sample at the BNC port that is adjustable. Once adjusted, the setting can be locked in place.
The main power connectors are Bird® QC type N(M) to N(F).
Any combination of QC connectors is available, N, BNC, UHF, etc..

Bird 4275 RF Sampler

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