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Telewave 44D Wattmeter <BR> 30-1000 MHz 0-500 Watts <br> Call for Quote & Availability

Telewave 44D Wattmeter
30-1000 MHz 0-500 Watts
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Telewave RF Digital RF Wattmeter Model 44D

• Frequency Range: 30 – 1000 MHz
• Power Range: 1 – 500 W
• Accuracy ± 3%
• USB & WiFi connectivity
• Bi-directional -50dB sample port
• No correction tables, slugs, or external sensors needed!

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Telewave 44D Specifications

Model 44D

Telewave's Model 44D RF Digital Wattmeter represents the latest generation of Wattmeter technology, addressing the more demanding requirements associated with digital modulations and protocols. The 44D combines the rugged reliability of its predecessor, the 44A, with more accurate and comprehensive measurement capabilities.

The Model 44D RF Digital Wattmeter is a compact, versatile test instrument used for direct measurement of forward and reflected RF power in a coaxial transmission line under any load conditions. It is capable of accurately measuring legacy analog modulated signals as well as signals modulated with the newest digital modulation schemes.

Like the 44AP, the Model 44D includes an RF sampling port, but with an output 50 dB below the total transmission line level, for frequency measurement, signal injection, or spectral analysis. The RF sample port on the Model 44D samples a low level of RF power as it passes through the instrument. It allows injection of a signal into the device under test, or can be used for spectrum analysis and frequency measurements without affecting operation of the meter.

The Model 44D does not require field calibration, frequency elements (slugs), or the use of correction tables for any temperature or frequency within specification. It also features USB and WiFi connectivity for monitoring on a separate device.

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