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Comet CF-530C Duplexer
1.3-90MHz 125-470MHz

Part Number 7670
Comet CF-530C Duplexer <BR> 1.3-90MHz  125-470MHz <BR> Duplexer/Combiner
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Comet CF-530C Duplexer/Combiner

Band Pass Ins Loss Max Power
1.3-90MHz 0.2dB 600W PEP
125-470MHz 0.2dB 600W PEP

Isolation: 45dB minimum

Common: PL-259
Low Pass: SO-239
High Pass: SO-239

HF-6M/2M-440MHz Duplexer for the FT-8900
This version has a coax lead and PL-259 connector on the COMMON port. This allows you to split the common connector on the FT-8900 back into two separate connectors: One for an HF-6M antenna, the other for 2M-440MHz antenna.

If desired, the 2M-440MHz connector on the CF-530C can then be split again if you want to use separate 2M and 440MHz antennas

Datasheet CF-530C Duplexer

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